How Decadent Would it Be to Heat Up the Packtite?

Seriously, I’m thinking about the environmental implications and ethics of  heating up my clothes in the Packtite before going out into the frigid cold? Hmmm, really decadent? Would I incur some global warming carbon credit deductions? Brrrrr


No New Bites

A follow-up to my last post. Stripped my bed and wash and dried everything. Sprayed the metal futon frame (still in dog dishes full of Murphy’s oil) with Bedlam. Bedlam is labeled for bed bugs and kills eggs, although common belief is not 100% kill on the eggs.

Took off my top mattress cover. Yes,  I have two but the top cover isn’t labeled for bed bugs. I put that in my Packtite and cooked it a long time.

No new bites. Waiting patiently for the hardest working dog in bug biz, April from Sprague to inspect my house.