Watch Out for Fake Bed Bug Dogs

Don’t hire the wrong bed bug dog!

That’s right, they’re not fake dogs, but THEY ARE not professionally trained bed bug sniffing dogs. Here’s an example:

A Tail of Two Dogs (sorry, had to)

The “real” bed bug sniffing dog is trained for weeks at an established dog training facility with a proven track record of success. Example: Falco K9 Academy in California with 30 years of experience. The dog and trainer must pass a rigorous test before they certify their dogs.

Not a “real” bed bug sniffing dog

The other a “home schooled” dog, trained by the owners law enforcement friend. This is not possessional training, there is no certification or guarantee this dog knows a bed bug from a carpet beetle.

This type of opportunism is bound to occur, but you don’t have to be a victim of it, if you:

    • Ask to see the certificate
    • Write the name of the school down
    • Make a phone call to the academy to confirm they did train the dog.
    • Check the training academy on the internet and watch their videos.

You can and should ask about certification when you call for a bed bug inspection. Then do your research on the academy, and call back if you feel confident. You can call the academy to confirm the dog did actually get trained at their facility. It’s worth the call to you, believe me.

I would never have a dog that was not trained at a professional academy with a proven track record and positive history, inspect my house for bed bugs. Not even for free!

A free inspection or cheap inspection with an “untrained” dog is worse than free. It can mean an inaccurate result that doesn’t inform you whether you have bed bugs or not. I’m linking this post to the full website, because I think this is so important.

Bed bug dog inspections are a fantastic tool, but unprofessionally trained dogs can make things worse for those trying to determine if bed bugs are their problem.


How Decadent Would it Be to Heat Up the Packtite?

Seriously, I’m thinking about the environmental implications and ethics of  heating up my clothes in the Packtite before going out into the frigid cold? Hmmm, really decadent? Would I incur some global warming carbon credit deductions? Brrrrr

Bed Bug Task Force Meeting Tomorrow

I have to say, I’m excited! It’s been 9 months since we last met due to scheduling snafus, and I know a lot has changed with local public housing agencies, for the better. In fact I know a gentleman who is currently dealing with bed bugs in his subsidized home. He thinks he got them from a bed and mattress he was given from a local donation center, however, there are many units in his high-rise with bed bugs so they could have migrated, right?

I think it’s important to consider where they may have come from, but not to obsess about it. Better to obsess about how to get rid of them. Anyway, he reported it, later than he should have, but you know how it goes. He was given an inspection, treatment and follow-up treatment. In addition he was given no-pest strips and garbage bags to disinfect his possessions.

and now the rub….it’s up to the tenant to treat his possessions, and ensure he is taking proper precautions during and after treatment. And of course it has to be this way, each involved party; the tenant, and the landlord/manager must act quickly, knowledgeably and consistently until the bed bugs have been eradicated.

What if everyone isolated their bed before they have bed bugs?

I’ve been giving this some thought for a while. It’s a preemptive idea. Are there steps you can take if you don’t have bed bugs, that would stop an infestation before it got started if a bed bug enters your home.

Among pest control people there are different opinions about isolating your bed during your infestation. But let’s look at this from a different point of view. What if (a BIG what-if, I know, but hypothetically, go with me) every bed was isolated from the wall and legs are in ClimbUp Monitors (yes, I’m an affiliate, but still). Then let’s just say a bed bug finds its way into your home and bedroom. That one singular bed bug would not be able to feed on you in bed, making its life much more complicated. Now it has to find you on the sofa or a chair, but it also has to survive long enough to do so. It’s chances for survival (if you employ a couple of tricks like doing the soap/DE/Alcohol mix under an area rug, where they would love to hide) go way down, and if it comes in contact with the DE mix, it’s going to die in about 10 days.

The DE mix came from a blog and I used this after my residuals wore off (about a year and a half now) around my baseboards and under my area rug. The soap (just dish soap) makes the DE stick as it’s in a spray bottle of soap and alcohol. It doesn’t fluff up under my carpet and I only applied it to the carpet binding around the entire base of the carpet. Carpet tape? Not sure what you call it. But any bug that decides under the carpet is a nice place to hide is going to make contact with that dried mixture. Let me say once again – DO NOT PUT DE ON FURNITURE/SOFAS/CHAIRS/OR YOUR BED. You do not want to inhale it.

If you have the legs of your bed in ClimbUp Monitors you now have an early warning system. Any bed bug in your house will try to get into your bed. 100% they are going to try because that’s what they do. They eat and reproduce, and with the ClimbUp they would get stuck in the cup portion and would be unable to escape. Now you have two protective measures to keep bed bugs from getting to you if one gets in your home.

What do you think?

Condos and Multi-family housing: Can you ever get rid of bed bugs?

This week has been something. Doing a big make-over on the website, and dealing with two friends who have bed bugs in their home or building. That’s the rub on multi-family housing. It’s always possible you’ll get the most brilliant treatment in the world, but no one around you will.

I’m just saying it’s possible. People react so differently to having bed bugs. Some people just deal with treatment and don’t go completely bat-sh*t crazy. But A LOT of people, due to a combination of sleep deprivation, stress, itching, being grossed out, etc., do get a little nutty during their infestations, and sometimes for a while after.

And that’s the reality; that you can have bed bugs and they might never be gone if other residents have them and you don’t all get treated together. Your problem might actually be a recurring one, with the only solution being to move. But is that a real solution?

With bed bug infestations continuing to increase and spread, for the next several years, may mean, there is no where to move to. No one, not in any income bracket, in any zip code, can know they will never encounter or be the victim of a bed bug infestation.

In New York, the odds are frighteningly high a renter might move into a building where one  or more tenants may have bed bugs. Not everyone tells, in fact many people try to keep it a secret. Imagine the horror of discovering bed bugs in your newly rented apartment. Unfortunately, this is happening. You can read the stories.

I am glad to hear that both of the housing agencies involved have been responsive and applying good bed bug practices in helping these people to get relief.

Sundance Channel And Isabella Rossellini Explore the Seduction Tactics Employed By Bugs, Fish & More In Five-Part Short Film Series Sundance Channel series will feature Bed Bugs On April 20th

Episode descriptions for “Seduce Me” follow below.

    Tuesday, April 20
    Bed Bug”– Bed bugs reproduce in mass numbers. This episode explores the violent nature in which the blood-sucking baby bugs are conceived.

    Cuttle Fish” – Male cuttle fish play the field and often “sneak” into harems posing as females. Once infiltration is complete, the male liberally sows his seed leaving several members of the harem pregnant.

    Duck”– The female duck has a complex body. While males show dominance by forcefully mating with her, she chooses which male will father her ducklings by rejecting and redirecting the seed that doesn’t suit her.

    Salmon” – Life and death surround the reproductive activities of salmon. Babies are born into the decay of their dead parents’ bodies but manage to avenge their deaths by eating the parasites that attacked them.

    Snake” – Monogamy is the goal of the male garter snake – he’s got to be the only one. Once he’s mated with his female lover, his hopes are high that no other males come along to ‘un-seal’ the deal.

    Seduce Me” is written and directed by Isabella Rossellini. Produced by Rick Gilbert, Isabella Rossellini and Jody Shapiro. Produced in association with Sundance Channel.

Timed to the fourth season of THE GREEN, Sundance Channel will debut the five-part original series “Seduce Me” exclusively online at on April 20th. Directed, written by and starring Isabella Rossellini, the five two-minute portraits explore the unconventional seduction rituals of creatures ranging from bugs to cuttle fish. In the same vein as Rossellini’s multiple Webby Award-winning series, “Green Porno,” “Seduce Me” offers an entertaining yet informative look into the bizarre seduction rituals that often precede the mating process. Following its online debut, the series, produced by Isabella Rossellini, Rick Gilbert and Jody Shapiro, will be available on Video On Demand beginning May 5th and premiere on Sundance Channel on May 25th at 9:50pm ET.