Bed Bug Task Force Meeting Tomorrow

I have to say, I’m excited! It’s been 9 months since we last met due to scheduling snafus, and I know a lot has changed with local public housing agencies, for the better. In fact I know a gentleman who is currently dealing with bed bugs in his subsidized home. He thinks he got them from a bed and mattress he was given from a local donation center, however, there are many units in his high-rise with bed bugs so they could have migrated, right?

I think it’s important to consider where they may have come from, but not to obsess about it. Better to obsess about how to get rid of them. Anyway, he reported it, later than he should have, but you know how it goes. He was given an inspection, treatment and follow-up treatment. In addition he was given no-pest strips and garbage bags to disinfect his possessions.

and now the rub….it’s up to the tenant to treat his possessions, and ensure he is taking proper precautions during and after treatment. And of course it has to be this way, each involved party; the tenant, and the landlord/manager must act quickly, knowledgeably and consistently until the bed bugs have been eradicated.


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